Fund Overview

Summit Communities Fund, LLC (“Summit Communities Fund”), has been formed to pursue the acquisition of Manufactured Housing Communities (“MHC’s”)

We believe that Summit Communities Fund will be able to:

  • achieve greater operational excellence and administrative efficiency
  • achieve increased diversification for investors
  • obtain a more attractive debt structure
Eddie Biller David Joreteg Brandon Reynolds Todd Burget


The Principals, Eddie Biller, David Joreteg, Brandon Reynolds and Todd Burget, collectively have over 30 years of combined real estate investing related experience and have long-established relationships with key market participants, including certain lenders, insurance companies, real estate agents and brokers.

Fund Terms

  • $20 million minimum offering amount
    $30 million maximum offering amount
  • $50,000 minimum investment
  • Term: up to 10 years or longer
  • Quarterly Distributions
  • Cash investment, Self-Directed IRA or other retirement account options may be used
  • Regulation D, Rule 506(c) Offering to Accredited Investors Only
  • Easy online signup
  • Limited number of investor Interests are available

Fund Returns

Class B
Minimum Investment $50,000
Cumulative Preferred Return Year 1 8%
Cumulative Preferred Return Year 2 9%
Cumulative Preferred Return Year 3+ 10%
Plus 50% Split of Excess Income
Plus 50% Split of Backend Equity

Tax benefits

Accelerated depreciation is allowed for “land improvements” (15 years versus 27.5 years for most residential real estate) and may result in the deferral of much of an investor’s tax burden.

Capital Preservation

The Fund may offer diversification and stability as it plans to acquire MHC’s that produce strong cash flow located in multiple states. In addition, the Fund is managed by Key Principals who represent a strong and experienced team in the MHC industry.

Income Stability

Market stability as MHC’s have historically demonstrated a low correlation to the broader market. In addition, tenant stability and longevity due to “immobility” of mobile homes lead to greater consistency of income as compared to other asset classes.

Frequently Asked Questions

An investors account begins to accrue a return 30 days after the date of acceptance into the Fund.
The goal of the Manager is to begin distributions at the conclusion of Q2 2020
Distributions may occur on a quarterly basis and are typically distributed within 45 days after the close of a quarter.
Quarterly you can expect to receive a brief fund update. Annually, you will receive a K-1, as well as an internally generated annual financial statements.
You can email Eddie Biller with questions at or call us at (800) 213-5162.
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